getting organized...for now.

i was finally getting fed up with my stash storage (plastic shopping bags from the LYS stuffed with plastic ziplock bags of yarn organized by color family piled up on top of one another that kept sliding off one another each time i opened the closet door) that i got off my butt and went down to target and picked up some inexpensive plastic bins to help me get neatly organized. i was in such a fury with my mission that i didn't even think to stop and take any 'before' pics, but here is what i ended up with

i think for now, it works. supposedly i was going to keep my knitting stuff upstairs in the office with all the other art supplies and craft stuff, but i just like having the convenience of my stash nearby whenever i get the urge to look through what i have. which is often. lol

eventually, i would like to have this:

ahh, for now i can dream about how lovely it would be to have my knitting books on that shelf, artfully placed with my needles and other supplies carefully laid out in those drawers...yarn stashed neatly behind those sliding doors. until then cheap plastic bins piled in my coat closet will have to do. =P


all in the family...

no one can accuse us of being an uncreative family; from my brother's underground hip-hop performances, my grandmother's knitting and cross stitching, and of course there's ME. the one who went to art and design school...i really get it from my mother. she's done everything from soap making to basket weaving, and of course knitting but her latest passion is pottery.

last weekend while i was up there she presented me with these beauties. they are actually whistles...if you look in the rear you can see where to "blow":

when i saw the original animal whistles she created i was the first to question the decision to make the part you blow into the ass of the animal...it's pretty hilarious when you think about it. she's created a series of these - for her and her beau, she made a chicken and a rooster, she's also done a dolphin and a little pig.

these two duckies are representative of Me 'n G, can you guess which is whom?


a busy weekend!!

so i got back from san jose where it was a scorcher...staying in my mother's house with no A/C....let's just say was not very pleasant. but it was nice to see her new house and of course visit with her and my grandmother, oh and not to mention the great surprise birthday party we threw my mother.

while i was up there my mother and i (and i took my grandmother the next day) stopped into a LYS to see what they had. being that she just moved to the area she hadn't found any yarn shops up there yet....and of course, being that we just went to LOOK AROUND we both made impulse purchases and this is what i came back with....

a simple needle case, which i have been looking for. and of course i couldn't go into a yarn store without picking up an addition to my stash:

on my way up there (on the plane) i started back on my cardigan (sans hood)....here's the beginnings of sleeve #1. i love knitting on the plane, the first thing someone always says is something in regards to getting the knitting needles past the security point. oh, speaking of which, i think it's odd that they still ask people to remove their shoes even though it's no longer a requirement, and when i questioned the little guy standing on the other side of the metal detector about it he said "well, it's not a requirement but it's recommended". i am like...uh, ok. not a good place or time for me to push the point.

let's just hope that it doesn't get put on the back burner yet again, because i am trying to finish up my niece's ribbon edged cardigan before it doesn't fit her anymore:

i think i will make her a pair of knitted jeans to go with it with the new yarn i got and that will be 1 christmas present down, how many more to go? thank god it's still only july...


on the needles: my cardigan (sans hood)

ok, so i started this project over a year ago. it was one of those that i had to put down due to the slew of knitted gifts i did last christmas, so it went to the back burner. i must have started in late summer or early fall, but before it found it's way into safe keeping i managed to finish the back panel and the front right.

i picked it up again back in january and proceeded to knit the left side. doo-da-doo....knitting away a few hours after work every night working my way up the ribbing, changing needles and doing the pocket. finish the pocket opening and flap, and kept working up to the armhole, decreasing like a good little boy and knitting, knitting, knitting until it comes time to shape the neck. here is where my troubles began...

this pattern is one where you are not counting rows, but rather going by measurements. and i wanted to make sure that the left and the right were lining up at the same key points. so i go into my stash, and pull out the right front panel, and lay it out, diligently checking to make sure the ends aren't curled and it's laying flat. i go to put the "left" side that i have been working on on top to compare and what do i find?

i knitted 90% of another right side. WHAT?!?!?! HOW could i have possibly done that? UGH....so i had to go back and rip rip rip the darn thing apart, all the way down to BELOW the pocket, which is probably about an inch above the ribbing.

the frustrating thng about it was that i actually READ the pattern, and made a mental note that i was supposed to just reverse it to get the left side. and that's what i THOUGHT i was doing....so, as you can see i finished 97% of the left front, all that's left is the decorative flap of the pocket.

this all happened back in february, and i was so frustrated i haven't touched it since. until now...


officially the WORST tennis player in the Los Angeles area

omg, so i went for my tennis ranking two Saturdays ago...

it was SO HOT and gross. it was a special ranking event at the tennis courts in griffith park, which is known as a very cruisy park. well, certain parts of it are.

anyway, so i go there and the LATA has 6 courts reserved for the event. 3 courts are being used for warm up, and 3 are used for ranking. in the ranking courts, there is a current member of the LATA, with a high ranking who you will be playing against. 1 game of me serving and 1 game of the other person serving. so mind you, this is a public park, so there is just chain link fence around the courts, and not that dense mesh material. so, while you are on the court, there are three other people who are observing your play to determine your ranking. and all around the courts are people who are hanging out, waiting their turn. now mind you this is the first time i have ever played tennis in front of people i don't know. and with someone i never met. basically, it was over in ten minutes. uhm, hello. i lost, love, love. no points either game. ugh.

so they said they would post the results on the website. now, i am thinking there will be all levels of people, you know an even mix of beginners, intermediate, and advanced. so i look on the website today, and i am ranked H. ok, mind you as of Saturday, i thought the rankings went from A, B, C, D, E, F, G. what?!?!! suddenly now there's an H?!?! am i that bad that they had to invent a new level?

ok. so i go through the roster for all the other leagues, and there are 3 H's. and two of them are me!!!?!?!? OMG, HOW HUMILIATING. i have never been so embarrassed in my life!!! first they invent a new level of CRAPPY tennis players, and then they put me down twice!!! UGH. hahahahahaa. wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. i dunno if i should laugh or cry.


my first knitting project...EVER

this was my first real knitted project, back in 2001 i think. pretty ambitious to make this, but it was for NYBF, who didn't end up staying NYBF for long after. i must say, i give myself props though, it was gorgeous, and nice to work in the seed stitch especially with variagated yarn...it really helped to hide any imperfections.

my first entry

omg. i never thought i would actually succumb to this life of blogging, but after years of justJENN ranting and others around me....oh who am i kidding. i just needed a place to show my mother my knitted goods....