all in the family...

no one can accuse us of being an uncreative family; from my brother's underground hip-hop performances, my grandmother's knitting and cross stitching, and of course there's ME. the one who went to art and design school...i really get it from my mother. she's done everything from soap making to basket weaving, and of course knitting but her latest passion is pottery.

last weekend while i was up there she presented me with these beauties. they are actually whistles...if you look in the rear you can see where to "blow":

when i saw the original animal whistles she created i was the first to question the decision to make the part you blow into the ass of the animal...it's pretty hilarious when you think about it. she's created a series of these - for her and her beau, she made a chicken and a rooster, she's also done a dolphin and a little pig.

these two duckies are representative of Me 'n G, can you guess which is whom?


justJENN said...

ASS WHISTLE. My new band name.

Charles said...

That's lovly!!! Same as you, I gone to art school and majoring painting....ALso my Grandfather and my father is artist too!!!

There is such lot thing you can learn about it!! as your garand mother, So MUCH ART AND CRAFT GOING ON HERE!!! As art teacher, Iam have to learn lot of new thing so..I dont what to behind!!! I goging to teach my Handmade card class at Pasadana "Paper Souce". This coming fall!!!!
I have readly for that also!! Too Much thing do with ART I TELL YA!!!

I use take a pottery class at G.C.C
It is really fun thing!!!It is hard to throw pot on the wheel..but hand building Love it!!


I think you know: Duckie mean "the pleasures of Married life" I hope youguys both have loving life together!!!
But need to find one!!!Too!!

Charles said...

Where did you get the cardigan (sans hood)pattern from? I really like it!! Maybe i should knit this cardigan too!!!