a busy weekend!!

so i got back from san jose where it was a scorcher...staying in my mother's house with no A/C....let's just say was not very pleasant. but it was nice to see her new house and of course visit with her and my grandmother, oh and not to mention the great surprise birthday party we threw my mother.

while i was up there my mother and i (and i took my grandmother the next day) stopped into a LYS to see what they had. being that she just moved to the area she hadn't found any yarn shops up there yet....and of course, being that we just went to LOOK AROUND we both made impulse purchases and this is what i came back with....

a simple needle case, which i have been looking for. and of course i couldn't go into a yarn store without picking up an addition to my stash:

on my way up there (on the plane) i started back on my cardigan (sans hood)....here's the beginnings of sleeve #1. i love knitting on the plane, the first thing someone always says is something in regards to getting the knitting needles past the security point. oh, speaking of which, i think it's odd that they still ask people to remove their shoes even though it's no longer a requirement, and when i questioned the little guy standing on the other side of the metal detector about it he said "well, it's not a requirement but it's recommended". i am like...uh, ok. not a good place or time for me to push the point.

let's just hope that it doesn't get put on the back burner yet again, because i am trying to finish up my niece's ribbon edged cardigan before it doesn't fit her anymore:

i think i will make her a pair of knitted jeans to go with it with the new yarn i got and that will be 1 christmas present down, how many more to go? thank god it's still only july...

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justJENN said...

Knitted jeans, what the f*?
That pink is gorgeous. FOR ME.