getting organized...for now.

i was finally getting fed up with my stash storage (plastic shopping bags from the LYS stuffed with plastic ziplock bags of yarn organized by color family piled up on top of one another that kept sliding off one another each time i opened the closet door) that i got off my butt and went down to target and picked up some inexpensive plastic bins to help me get neatly organized. i was in such a fury with my mission that i didn't even think to stop and take any 'before' pics, but here is what i ended up with

i think for now, it works. supposedly i was going to keep my knitting stuff upstairs in the office with all the other art supplies and craft stuff, but i just like having the convenience of my stash nearby whenever i get the urge to look through what i have. which is often. lol

eventually, i would like to have this:

ahh, for now i can dream about how lovely it would be to have my knitting books on that shelf, artfully placed with my needles and other supplies carefully laid out in those drawers...yarn stashed neatly behind those sliding doors. until then cheap plastic bins piled in my coat closet will have to do. =P


Charles said...

'before' pics please!!!Hehe just kidding!!! It looks great!!! As knitter, always stash is the biggist problm!!!! DID you see my stash too on my July post??? IT tooooo much!!!

Charles said...

Chris~~~ I going to plan my knitting group on next Fri or Sat What do you think? Jason wiil come too!!!! Do you other knitter?

7:00PM on Starbucks

San Fernando & Walnut, Burbank
1001 North San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, California 915044329

Charles said...

I made a final post about the meeting SEE my blog!!! Are you coming chris? 6 people Already sign up!!!

Dave Daniels said...

That's great organization. I like the smaller drawer for the needles. (I wish I still had the packages for my needles. *sigh*) Looks like you need MORE yarn, though. lol I see some areas that are empty.

Calling Kahlo said...

That piece looks very similar to a piece in Pier 1 except it is all pine or teak wood.