on the needles: my cardigan (sans hood)

ok, so i started this project over a year ago. it was one of those that i had to put down due to the slew of knitted gifts i did last christmas, so it went to the back burner. i must have started in late summer or early fall, but before it found it's way into safe keeping i managed to finish the back panel and the front right.

i picked it up again back in january and proceeded to knit the left side. doo-da-doo....knitting away a few hours after work every night working my way up the ribbing, changing needles and doing the pocket. finish the pocket opening and flap, and kept working up to the armhole, decreasing like a good little boy and knitting, knitting, knitting until it comes time to shape the neck. here is where my troubles began...

this pattern is one where you are not counting rows, but rather going by measurements. and i wanted to make sure that the left and the right were lining up at the same key points. so i go into my stash, and pull out the right front panel, and lay it out, diligently checking to make sure the ends aren't curled and it's laying flat. i go to put the "left" side that i have been working on on top to compare and what do i find?

i knitted 90% of another right side. WHAT?!?!?! HOW could i have possibly done that? UGH....so i had to go back and rip rip rip the darn thing apart, all the way down to BELOW the pocket, which is probably about an inch above the ribbing.

the frustrating thng about it was that i actually READ the pattern, and made a mental note that i was supposed to just reverse it to get the left side. and that's what i THOUGHT i was doing....so, as you can see i finished 97% of the left front, all that's left is the decorative flap of the pocket.

this all happened back in february, and i was so frustrated i haven't touched it since. until now...


Tallguy said...
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Tallguy said...

I saw the comment you made on Charles' blog, about getting a ball-winder or a swift. They are different animals and do different work -- produce different things. You really need them BOTH: one to put a skein on to unwind, and the other to make it into a ball! You can use the swift to make a skein as well. These are both essential tools that every fibre person really needs to have. You'll wonder how you ever managed without them, once you start using them.

I think that sweater will look quite good when done. And you have to be so very careful when doing the mirror image... check and check and check again! Haha, I know!

Charles said...

Hi~~Tad!! Your cardigan is looking great!!
I guess maybe you agree with me!!! The hot weather in CA...This is too much!! I live in the vally..it's over 110 dregee!!!

I can't not knit with this hot weather like this!!! I dont know way... DID you see my sweater progess on my blog? I was knitting sweater too.. so that i can wear at coming fall.....

I guess you have fix your pattern...I try many time knitting pattarn from books and other knitting magazine..THE SIZE didnt fit for me!!! Always make the pattern really big size!! Also All the the pattern is tolly wrong!! I guess you have fix it your way ..I mean by your instinct!!!

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