what i'm working on

i've finally sat down and started on the slew of baby hats i want to do. actually, i started the night i came home with that stash, did a couple of color combos and frogged and frogged. i decided i didn't like the colorway combos i was putting together and had to go back to the LYS to get MORE colors. hahahaha. ugh. yeah....

today after my follow-up consultation at the laser eye center (i am going to do it) i sat down and started on baby hat #1.

it seems awfully small to me, since this is my first hat i am not sure how to judge it based on how it looks on the needles. i am following the pattern using the exact same brand and weight of yarn it suggests, on the suggested needle size. i guess i will see when i have more of it done.

amongst all the million projects i have swirling around my head (i really should just write them down) i've been chugging away slowly on my cardigan. hopefully i will be done by this winter. this is how far i've gotten on sleeve #1.

through all my knitting, look who's always watching, waiting for that ball of yarn to roll across the floor...


Charles said...

Oh..I see.. Now i can see the projrct your doing!! Hat looks really nice on knitting book!!!
I think your doing great!!

I was thinking getting laser for long time too~~~my mom say she is gonna pay me do operation!!But Iam soo scarre to doing it!! My eye so bad right,,with our my glasses..Iam totally blind!!!

KnitXcorE said...

That hat looks cute! what book is that? The kitty is adorable :-)

justJENN said...

Knit while you can. Before you go blind. HAHAH

I did it 5 years ago. Still perfect vision, yay, lasik!