ISE3 - it's here!!

i have been out of commission for a while due to my intralase procedure, so not much knitting to report on. the actual procedure was friday, and i took monday off as an extra day to recover, and upon my return to the office at 7:30am this morning look what was waiting for me on my desk!!

that's right, my ISE3 pal came through and sent me my scarf. dang, she's a fast knitter!!! it's a gorgeous silvery-grey made from euroflax original 100% linen. it drapes beautifully and it's a nice light weight, perfect for L.A. weather.

i was wearing it around our air conditioned office and was getting TONS of compliments on it, all thanks to Cate out in virginia.

as far as my knitting goes, i have made little progress on the scarf for my pal, but hopefully as soon as my eyes settle down a bit more i can get back to it.


ISE 3 - not yet convinced

here's my 5th attempt at starting my scarf. this is the third stitch pattern with this second yarn, and i am still not convinced that this is THE right fit for my pal.

even though my pal said she likes earth tones, i think the colors work great for her skin tone and hair color (from what i can tell from her blog), but i am feeling that the yarn is looking a little "craft store" like....even though it's not!! at my LYS, i thought the yarn looked so gorgeous wrapped up in it's skein AND it seemed to be calling to me as the perfect yarn, but now that i have knitted with it - i am not loving it anymore.

i am going to sit on it for a few days and see if it grows on me. if not, back to the yarn shop on tuesday (since they are closed mondays it buys me some time!!)


what's left of "my so called scarf"

as you can see i've decided to frog the whole thing. i knitted a bit more of it this weekend and just thought too much about it. and for those who know me, once something bugs me...even just a little bit, i'm not going to rest about it. so i just decided get rid of it and then i won't even have to worry about it anymore.

so, instead i started working on column of leaves scarf.

i think it's coming out GREAT. and it will be my work in progress while i decide what to do with that lusciously lovely Manos yarn that i was using for that "so called scarf". i guess it's because i am such a visual designer type person - one who notices ALL the details - that causes me to be so picky about the backside of the so called scarf. perhaps that stitch pattern would be great for a pillow or something like that and there wouldn't need to be the hint of sarcasm in the name of the item?

i've also begun the finishing process for the ribbon edged cardigan. i have the collar knitted in and one sleeve sewn on. in addition, i have worked more on the little chicks baby hat....i just need to sew on the little white chicks and then add the feet and beaks, and it'll be ready to send out.

i know, i know i have a lot of projects going on - i must have knitter's ADD or something....


"my so called scarf"

it seems that a lot of us are on the 'my so called scarf' bandwagon. hey, i guess it's a testimonial to the designers of the pattern. i have been wanting to knit this scarf for a while now, and since i am starting my holiday gifts now...i figured this would be a good pattern to try.

so here's my dilemma...i love how the stitch pattern is coming out on the RS.

but since this is a scarf, and you will be able to see the WS as well, i was hoping that the WS would have more of an interesting stitch pattern than it does. TO ME, it looks like a convoluted purl pattern (which essentially is what it is), but not one interesting enough to be on a highly visible "other side" to a scarf.

so before i frog it all, what do you think? am i just being too picky? i mean in all my scarf creating experience, i never really demanded that the RS and the WS were the same, but i feel that the WS has to be as interesting as the front, even though it may be a different...