ISE 3 - not yet convinced

here's my 5th attempt at starting my scarf. this is the third stitch pattern with this second yarn, and i am still not convinced that this is THE right fit for my pal.

even though my pal said she likes earth tones, i think the colors work great for her skin tone and hair color (from what i can tell from her blog), but i am feeling that the yarn is looking a little "craft store" like....even though it's not!! at my LYS, i thought the yarn looked so gorgeous wrapped up in it's skein AND it seemed to be calling to me as the perfect yarn, but now that i have knitted with it - i am not loving it anymore.

i am going to sit on it for a few days and see if it grows on me. if not, back to the yarn shop on tuesday (since they are closed mondays it buys me some time!!)


KnitXcorE said...

it looks really lush! that probably the softest yarn ever, you should try something really simple, b/c the yarn has so much character...

justJENN said...

Ew you're going to 'sit on it?' Disgusting.