ISE3 - it's here!!

i have been out of commission for a while due to my intralase procedure, so not much knitting to report on. the actual procedure was friday, and i took monday off as an extra day to recover, and upon my return to the office at 7:30am this morning look what was waiting for me on my desk!!

that's right, my ISE3 pal came through and sent me my scarf. dang, she's a fast knitter!!! it's a gorgeous silvery-grey made from euroflax original 100% linen. it drapes beautifully and it's a nice light weight, perfect for L.A. weather.

i was wearing it around our air conditioned office and was getting TONS of compliments on it, all thanks to Cate out in virginia.

as far as my knitting goes, i have made little progress on the scarf for my pal, but hopefully as soon as my eyes settle down a bit more i can get back to it.


Charles said...

Can we exchange scarf together? CAN WE? I Wnat to knit nice scarf for you Tad!!!

Michael said...

Ooh, how chic!

Dave said...

Very nice! And fast. Wow. I'm so behind. Yikes! Enjoy!

KnitXcorE said...

yeah, it's beautiful!!! are you in love w/ euroflax yet?