what's left of "my so called scarf"

as you can see i've decided to frog the whole thing. i knitted a bit more of it this weekend and just thought too much about it. and for those who know me, once something bugs me...even just a little bit, i'm not going to rest about it. so i just decided get rid of it and then i won't even have to worry about it anymore.

so, instead i started working on column of leaves scarf.

i think it's coming out GREAT. and it will be my work in progress while i decide what to do with that lusciously lovely Manos yarn that i was using for that "so called scarf". i guess it's because i am such a visual designer type person - one who notices ALL the details - that causes me to be so picky about the backside of the so called scarf. perhaps that stitch pattern would be great for a pillow or something like that and there wouldn't need to be the hint of sarcasm in the name of the item?

i've also begun the finishing process for the ribbon edged cardigan. i have the collar knitted in and one sleeve sewn on. in addition, i have worked more on the little chicks baby hat....i just need to sew on the little white chicks and then add the feet and beaks, and it'll be ready to send out.

i know, i know i have a lot of projects going on - i must have knitter's ADD or something....


Charles said...

Poor guy~~~ fogging scarf!! Not fun at all!!!I really like the scarf your doing!!! It is almost same pattern as knitty "Branching Out" Lace scarf~~~ NICE Color and and nice pattern!! Iam so loving it!!!!! Adding my list right now!! More yarn to buy~~ Oh MY>....Please stop me..God~~~

Charles said...

What is the yarn your using "column of leaves"?

I love the color!!!

Dave said...

Doesn't the Column of Leaves also have a right and a wrong side? Are you going to do two ends and graft them in the middle so the leaves go the same direction on both ends? :-)

justJENN said...

OH. Another hat for me. ALL HATS FOR ME.

tadaahhh said...

charles: the yarn i am using for Column of Leaves is Lang Mille Colore. it's a great striping yarn and it comes in so many gorgeous colors that i had a hard time choosing!!

dave: yes, Column of Leaves has a RS and a WS, but in this case the WS still has a nice pattern, albeit the purl version of the RS; whereas "my so called scarf"'s WS was just rows and rows of uninteresting purls. hey, GREAT idea about grafting in the middle!!! OMG, now if i only knew how to do that seamlessly. i guess i could just repeat the edge pattern in the middle? .....what a brilliant idea.