Halloweenie Meemie

as seen on a ball of yarn and a remote control, a halloween meme!!

1. Google "Halloween" and the year you were born on Google Images

2. Find the most bizarrely frightening photo and post it

3. Recoil in horror!

i tried it, and surprisingly i did not find a lot of photos of people in halloween costumes from my birth year. perhaps it was because they hadn't invented film yet or something. a lot of the photos i did find, just happened to have my year as part of the photo name. but there were a couple that were actually taken of people in costumes, in 1967...

gosh, it's so great to see those hairstyles, and the glasses!!! omg, i totally had glasses like that when i was kid...but that casper costume, this since that's the only costume of this style, i suppose that dreaded plastic/rubber trend started in the late 60's? i really love the kid in the gym shorts and shirt with the half mask on. really, what's he supposed to be?!?! hilarious.

then there's this one, hmmm. not really into the costume spirit, are they? and they are supposed to be at a halloween dance?!?!?! how funny. well, i guess i shouldn't talk - i hardly ever wear a costume for halloween. although, when i have i gotta say i really had some great ones...i'll have to dig those up and post them later.