SP9 update

i just updated my SP9 questionnaire.

i was at my LYS today to buy some yarn for a project that i was commissioned for - an earflap hat for a snowboarder friend of mine - when i saw a few things that i just HAD to have. which means i needed to update my questionnaire before SP9 officially begins. while i was there, i saw the new Malabrigo yarn that i was told was coming...and i absolutely DIED for it!!! god, and the colors they come in are amazing. it took everything that i had to resist buying it, simply because i am full to the GILLS of yarn in my stash. i really should not be buying full priced yarn that i have no intended project for. especially since i want so much of it. HA!! well, that and i just wouldn't know HOW MUCH of it to pick up and in which colors!?!?!

ok, anyway, the earflap hat....my friend is a designer too, and he specified the color scheme he wanted, and we even discussed the look of the hat he wants. i think it can be easily achieved by following an existing pattern and changing the stitches to what he wants. it's just that i have never done an earflap hat before, i just hope it goes smoothly....am i being foolish by not making a prototype first just to see what hiccups i may run into?


KnitXcorE said...

earflaps are cake!!! i usually knit them first and put them onto the circ when I cast on....

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Just go for it. You can do it.