hat for G

well, BF came home and saw the hat i was working on for hans, and said he wanted one too. so of course, i had to drop everything and make him one. we chose the yarn from my stash, and since it was a variegated yarn we decided to simplify the pattern and just do the straight knit version. we trimmed it in orange to go with the orange scarf i have been working on for him as well. photos of that to come at some future time....

on a side note, my stash is starting to fill up with even more malabrigo...i got three more hanks for my birthday!! and amazingly enough, in yet another color that i did not yet have. SWEET!!!


sweet surprise

i checked my mail yesterday and found a cute little box shoved in my slot, piled under a mound of flyers and other unsolicited mail items...i opened the package to find two amazing hanks of absolutely luscious malabrigo yarn. this is one of my new favorite yarns. it ranks right up there with my love for manos del uruguay and rio de la plata. thanks scret pal!!

in other news, i have made progress with the hat for hans. all that's left now is the trim and finishing.


weekend f.o.'s

sunday was quite a productive day...

i finished my first knitted food item (i have been obsessed with knitted non-clothing items lately) and the first item i chose was this chocolate cookie. i have a pizza slice in the works, i need to finish the toppings and it's ready to show.

i've also made headway and completed the ribbon edged cardigan...

if you noticed, i have opted to not edge the collar and cardigan opening with a ribbon. two very logical reasons...i figure my niece would most likely fuss with it, tickling her on the neck, and the most logical...it would hold me up even longer to get it done and sent to her. i mean really, it's pretty cold in ohio and i am sure she could be using this thing NOW.


hat for hans

i've finally started the earflap hat for my snowboarder friend. it's so funny working with a fellow designer - when he asked me to do a hat for him we sat down and sketched out what the hat would look like. we used AD markers to try different color schemes, then we flipped through my PMS swatches to find the right colors. then i was off to my LYS in search of the yarn. meanwhile, he was searching the internet for a pair of snowboarding gloves.

it took a bit of calculating to figure out the pattern, but it wasn't difficult. i think it's coming along nicely, although my inconsistency in tension between knitting on straights and knitting in the round is driving me nuts. i keep telling myself that the blocking process will help hide the difference and it won't be too noticeable in the end.

my perfectionist side is causing me to slightly obsess about it and i am nearly on the edge of ripping the whole thing apart and starting again....