nat's scarf #2

i finished the scarf i was working on before christmas just in time. well, not really. i was knitting up until guests arrived on christmas eve, and then on christmas day until our immediate family gift exchange. even then, i was not finished. nat opened her gift and exclaimed, "HEY!! what is this!?!?!" as she pulled out a ziplock bag with an 85% finished scarf still attached to balls of yarn. it was hilarious. needless to say, i did finish it, but not until the day AFTER christmas day....when it was grey and raining, hence (please excuse) the really bad lighting job in the photos. please see the previous post for truer color accuracy.

the stats for this aprrox 72" scarf are: "slanting eyelets" stitch pattern; rowan's kidsilk haze, in #631 'jacob' (1 skein) and lana grossa's soffice, in #007 'moss' (approx 1.62 skeins)


chugging along

i have one more day to get this done! needless to say, i will present this gift on christmas and have to take it back to do the "finishing". because it's a lace-y pattern, it NEEDS to be blocked in order to lay properly.


hat for hans...done!

and just in time too, he's headed back to snow country for the holidays with plans for hitting the slopes.

i started this hat back in november and it's finally done. it's been one of those projects that i would knit and put down and pick up, then put back down and left on the back burner for a while, until this week. i tried finishing it once before, and came to the conclusion that i had no idea how to PROPERLY crochet the trim. that is, until i sought the advice of expert crocheter Marikit-dl.

the design is based on a sketch that hans and i came up with, along with the pompom on a revolving braid. hans was so cute today - this morning after i gave it to him, he immediately put it on and didn't take it off once all day. i mean ALL DAY. even while taking business calls, and wearing his headphones. it was hilarious, he reminded me of a child who chose his first pair of shoes on his own and insists on wearing them immediately. in a way, it was a great compliment to me and i interpreted that he truly appreciates what i made for him.

i used about a skein and a half of karabella's aurora 8 in pool, and lorna's lace's shephard worsted in charcoal for the detailing.


another sweet surprise

a curious package arrived today...

i had placed an order for a few last minute gifts yesterday, and am expecting that package to arrive friday, based on the shipping service that i chose. in addition, the package is to be sent to my mother's house up in northern california, so it will be waiting for me when i get up there this weekend. so, imagine my surprise when this i saw this package waiting for me...

for the life of me, i couldn't figure out who could have sent this to me. my out-of-state siblings know that i'll be up at my mom's for christmas, so logically they could send any packages to me there with the others'. one of my brothers though sent a package to me a few weeks ago, but had alerted me to expect it's arrival.

anyway, because i couldn't figure out who it was from, i had to open it and not wait for christmas to arrive. i quickly tore into it, and look what was inside!!!

sweet!!! i totally had these on my amazon wishlist, and of course had to check to see if it was removed...sure enough, someone had purchased them from the list. now, to only find out whom!!?!

whomever it was, THANK YOU!! these will be great for the sweaters i am already planning to knit next year. i have some of the yarn already but no stitch pattern so these will definitely find themselves in use.

on the knitting front, i've finally finished the Hat for Hans. it's blocking now and he'll get it tomorrow, at which time i will be sure to get some photos. it came out great and i am happy to say that i have only 3 more items to get done for christmas gifts.


block party

not much knitting going on this weekend, but i did manage to block the bunch of hats i had been knitting last week. take a look:

the closest to us, we have a baby hat made from naturwolle by black forest yarn, 100% wool in madagaskar colorway; next on the left side is a baby hat made from rio de la plata, 100% wool in a blue varigated colorway; to the right of that another baby hat made from naturwolle by black forest yarn, 100% wool in flame colorway; next in line is the last baby hat done with naturwolle by black forest yarn, 100% wool. then on the end is an adult hat made with a combination of manos del uruguay and rio de la plata 100% wool yarns.

i also did an adult "stocking cap" hat made from varying colorways of manos del uruguay, 100% wool.

i've made a lot of progress with my holiday knitting, but it's far from over!! yikes, and i just realized today that christmas is two weeks away. what?!?!! somehow i thought i had three more weeks, sheesh i can only wish!


holiday ketchup

i've finally been able to start catching up on my holiday knitting. here's a sampling of a few of the scerfs. i'll follow up with a post on the tons of hats i've started on....we'll see how far i get.

as you can see i am in a "drop stitch" phase at the moment, both stitch patterns taken from 'vogue knitting' and modified to make the scarves. they're really fun to do, and i guess it's a nice way to ease into doing my first lace project (still looking for the right pattern and right yarn match-up).


holiday sweets

wait. is it december already? wow. where did the time go. i know, i know we all say that every year. god. i guess it just seems like time flies faster and faster the older you get. well, i guess until you get REAL old and time slows down again. or at least that's my perception of it. anyway, less babbling an on to knitting. i know it's been a while since my last post, but believe me i have been busy with some knitting going on - i'll have to post those soon. in the meantime i've made a few desserts, take a look...