nat's scarf #2

i finished the scarf i was working on before christmas just in time. well, not really. i was knitting up until guests arrived on christmas eve, and then on christmas day until our immediate family gift exchange. even then, i was not finished. nat opened her gift and exclaimed, "HEY!! what is this!?!?!" as she pulled out a ziplock bag with an 85% finished scarf still attached to balls of yarn. it was hilarious. needless to say, i did finish it, but not until the day AFTER christmas day....when it was grey and raining, hence (please excuse) the really bad lighting job in the photos. please see the previous post for truer color accuracy.

the stats for this aprrox 72" scarf are: "slanting eyelets" stitch pattern; rowan's kidsilk haze, in #631 'jacob' (1 skein) and lana grossa's soffice, in #007 'moss' (approx 1.62 skeins)


bunchkin said...

At least you finished it. It's always so tempting to give people a half knitted gift and then..... kind of... move on to other things. Yay for your sticktoitiveness!

micah said...

THAT rocks!

Charles said...