knitting content...?

what? has it really been THAT long since i have posted any knitting content? well, i guess it has. work's been kickin' my arse, and then i caught that bug that's been going around. rare for me since i haven't been sick in like 5 or 6 years. well, i guess i was sort of lax this season with my hand warshing, and airbourne taking. usually, i am a fanatic about it when the cold season hits.

remember justjennscarf? well, theKid fell in love with it and has been wearing it since i gave it to her, so i decided for his birthday i would knit him his own, with a matching earflap hat. of course, his birthday was a week and a half ago. AND, it's starting to get warmer. hello. perhaps justjenn won't pay her gas bill and the house will be freezering, and theKid can then wear it while he eats his dinner.

in other knitting news, i have been working on the besotted scarf, hopefully in time to get it done by valentine's. no better way to celebrate your VD than with a besotted skerf. i'm using m-m-m-malabrigo worsted in sunset. i love the variation in this colorway, and it's so soft and delicious to work with!!

progress is also being made on my vest: i've completed the back panel along with the two side inset pieces. hopefully i can get this done in a timely fashion, as long as i don't get too distracted by the great projects in the new craft magazine...

my tennis league starts up again today, i've moved up from the made-up H ranking to a G. wish me luck in that i won't be hacking up a lung and slipping on my running nose while chasing down the balls, otherwise they will have to put me down a level again.


viva la france!

Your Inner European is French!

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thanks to KnitXcorE


i need an abacus

i guess i should lay off the juice...i am about 90% done with the back panel of my vest and guess what. i never measured along the way up until now and the d*mn thing isn't wide enough. and it's not off by just a little either, it's off by 1.5". hello. i mean, i am following the sizing from a pattern from the knitting with balls book, and since my yarn is a different weight than what the pattern is written for, i had to do some calculations. CLEARLY my calculations were a bit off.

hmm, i guess i should have payed attention in those calculus classes.

now the decision is, do i frog the whole thing? or do i modify the pattern...a freind of mine suggested that i knit up the front the same way i did the back, and then add a vertical inset up both sides, in a different stitch pattern. sounds like a good suggestion. i am toying with this idea....


let's talk about ME now...

now that the holiday knitting rush is finally over, i can be a little self indulgent and get back to knitting for myself....at a leisurely pace. so, what do you get when you take a sunday night and little of this:

mix it up with a little of this:

(nectar of the gods) and some stew made up in a crock pot - can you get any lazier?
you get this:

i ordered this (along with several skeins in several other colors) a couple of months ago with no particular project(s) in mind. during the christmas rush, i swatched this yarn up while trying to figure out who was going to get what and i decided that this was going to become a vest for myself. so here is the beginnings of said vest. the pattern is my own and i am not very good at math, so let's hope everything falls into place as it should...


the last of the holiday gifts


he's yet to get it since i haven't seen him since before christmas - he's supposed to be returning on monday, so he'll get it then.

pattern: basic 3K, 2P rib
size: approx 5" x 60"
yarn: crystal palace yarns' "merino stripes", in curry and spice (#27) - 2 skeins; araucania's "nature wool", in brown - 1 skein, and color terra cotta - bits for stripes

remember what happened to mysocalledscarf

and what was column of leaves?

let me introduce you to justjennscarf...

pattern: garter drop stitch (modified) from vogue knitting
yarn: manos del uruguay's "manos multi" in wildflowers, 2 skeins

and xtinascarf

pattern: my own
size: approx 5" x 68"
yarn: lang's "mille colori", colorway 0097; 3 skeins

i had to frog column of leaves...i was about 80% done, and i found out that i had made a mistake back about 2" from the beginning, and another one about halfway. ughh. being the perfectionist i am, i couldn't just live with TWO mistakes. not only that but i didn't like 1. the right side/wrong side aspect of this pattern, AND 2. the pattern itself didn't seem right for xtina. i am glad i changed the pattern, and hope that it will keep her warm on her upcoming trip.

it's been a very hectic knitting season mainly because of poor timing on my part, but i am pretty happy with the way my knitted wares have turned out. stay tuned, there's a lot more to come as i already have a backlog of projects heading into the new year...which is a good thing!