i need an abacus

i guess i should lay off the juice...i am about 90% done with the back panel of my vest and guess what. i never measured along the way up until now and the d*mn thing isn't wide enough. and it's not off by just a little either, it's off by 1.5". hello. i mean, i am following the sizing from a pattern from the knitting with balls book, and since my yarn is a different weight than what the pattern is written for, i had to do some calculations. CLEARLY my calculations were a bit off.

hmm, i guess i should have payed attention in those calculus classes.

now the decision is, do i frog the whole thing? or do i modify the pattern...a freind of mine suggested that i knit up the front the same way i did the back, and then add a vertical inset up both sides, in a different stitch pattern. sounds like a good suggestion. i am toying with this idea....

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