knitting content...?

what? has it really been THAT long since i have posted any knitting content? well, i guess it has. work's been kickin' my arse, and then i caught that bug that's been going around. rare for me since i haven't been sick in like 5 or 6 years. well, i guess i was sort of lax this season with my hand warshing, and airbourne taking. usually, i am a fanatic about it when the cold season hits.

remember justjennscarf? well, theKid fell in love with it and has been wearing it since i gave it to her, so i decided for his birthday i would knit him his own, with a matching earflap hat. of course, his birthday was a week and a half ago. AND, it's starting to get warmer. hello. perhaps justjenn won't pay her gas bill and the house will be freezering, and theKid can then wear it while he eats his dinner.

in other knitting news, i have been working on the besotted scarf, hopefully in time to get it done by valentine's. no better way to celebrate your VD than with a besotted skerf. i'm using m-m-m-malabrigo worsted in sunset. i love the variation in this colorway, and it's so soft and delicious to work with!!

progress is also being made on my vest: i've completed the back panel along with the two side inset pieces. hopefully i can get this done in a timely fashion, as long as i don't get too distracted by the great projects in the new craft magazine...

my tennis league starts up again today, i've moved up from the made-up H ranking to a G. wish me luck in that i won't be hacking up a lung and slipping on my running nose while chasing down the balls, otherwise they will have to put me down a level again.


Charles said...

Nice Hat!!
I know... it has been raining and cold weather for off and on.

"Malabrigo"!!! Don't you think it's so soft?
It will be great scarf!!!!
Come and check my blog!!

justJENN said...

You said, 'chasing down balls'. Har.

KnitXcorE said...

thw yarn you're using on the hat is deluxe! what is it?fogsr

Celtic Knitter said...

Cool scarf! Is that cabling? It's hard to tell from the pic . .. but it's really nice!!

Matt said...

The Besotted scarf is awesome! nice page remodel too.....good luck with the tennis league.

Tracy said...

Hi Chris, I got your gift today, thanks! I can't wait to get a chance to really check out your blog. So far the pictures and all the yarn porn are to die for!
~your SP