the last of the holiday gifts


he's yet to get it since i haven't seen him since before christmas - he's supposed to be returning on monday, so he'll get it then.

pattern: basic 3K, 2P rib
size: approx 5" x 60"
yarn: crystal palace yarns' "merino stripes", in curry and spice (#27) - 2 skeins; araucania's "nature wool", in brown - 1 skein, and color terra cotta - bits for stripes

remember what happened to mysocalledscarf

and what was column of leaves?

let me introduce you to justjennscarf...

pattern: garter drop stitch (modified) from vogue knitting
yarn: manos del uruguay's "manos multi" in wildflowers, 2 skeins

and xtinascarf

pattern: my own
size: approx 5" x 68"
yarn: lang's "mille colori", colorway 0097; 3 skeins

i had to frog column of leaves...i was about 80% done, and i found out that i had made a mistake back about 2" from the beginning, and another one about halfway. ughh. being the perfectionist i am, i couldn't just live with TWO mistakes. not only that but i didn't like 1. the right side/wrong side aspect of this pattern, AND 2. the pattern itself didn't seem right for xtina. i am glad i changed the pattern, and hope that it will keep her warm on her upcoming trip.

it's been a very hectic knitting season mainly because of poor timing on my part, but i am pretty happy with the way my knitted wares have turned out. stay tuned, there's a lot more to come as i already have a backlog of projects heading into the new year...which is a good thing!


Knitting Mama said...

I really like your column of leaves scarf! It's really nice. I'm currently working on one, started it, noticed a mistake after 4 repeats and I frogged it, and restarted it last night. Ah, yes, I'm a perfectionist knitter! LOL. I love the yarn choice and colors of yours!

justJENN said...

Wait a minute, I got the F*ED UP one??

sko_G knits said...

hahahha. yeah, i told you i had your gift back in september. i just hated the way the first one was turning out, so i took it apart and did this one instead. i can see even the kid thinks it was a good idea, since he wears it more than you!!

xtena said...

hhahahaa. i think i have the one with the corrected boo-boo. i love it! and yes, you'll see it on me in all my vacation-photos!! well, i might have to hand wash it during the trip...