besotted skerf

i am about done with the besotted skerf that i am making gaetan. i decided to pick it up this weekend and finish it in time for VD, since it's so appropriately themed.

so i am about to bind off, and for some reason decided to finally look at my workmanship...something dee has always told me to do, which is to remember to admire your work every now and then throughout the process....this helps you to appreciate your work, the yarn, the pattern, etc...as well as keep an eye out for mistakes. well, i guess i was just on a roll to get the thing done and hadn't admired my work in a while, right as i was about to get it off the needles i noticed i reversed one of the cables in the "O" four repeats of the pattern back. and since it is a cabled pattern i thought it best not to unravel those 4 stitches all the way down - it'd probably be a nightmare to reknit that far down with this stitch pattern, so i guess i'll frog back a good nine inches.

my apologies for the lack of imagery, my battery pack decided to die right as i was about to take a photo for this post.

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KnitXcorE said...

aww! sniffle* not fun. you know it would haunt you every time you see it if you didn't fix it tho.