serve no wine...

...before it's time

so the other day, one of my tennis team mates was talking about naming our team for the league. he had suggested "the old timers". i, of course, asked why the old timers? was it because we all have been playing in this league for a couple of seasons? and he replied, "no, because we are all over 50". i nearly choked on my gatorade. "excuse me?!? **I** am not in my 50's. hell, i am not even in my 40's!", i exclaimed. he of course nervously corrected himself "oh, OH! of course, all of us except YOU."

so i have no knitting imagery to show you, i am up here in the bay area for stitches west. i had a great time there today, spending way too much money on yarn that i don't need. i justify it my head by reminding myself that i have been good and haven't added to my stash at all so far this year. of course, now i am obligated to start all the new projects i reasoned myself with for each purchase. i bought a two day pass, knowing how i am in seeing things that i WANT but convince myself i don't need, and then leaving the place and yearning for it wishing i had bought it. it happens all the time, i am sure i will be back there before i head home.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a sweet pic of you playing tennis! Hehe. :p


Anonymous said...

this is your fav colour swap pal, just to let you know your package will be in the post on Monday, should be with you around Thursday , have a great week-end !

Tracy said...

Ah, Stitches is evil I tell you! I went to Stitches East with some friends and we woke up having purchasing regrets - you know, where you wish you bought everything you saw. We are already planning on going for two days when it comes back around this year!

PS: I didn't forget about your question regarding the light up needles, I just haven't had a chance to knit on them yet - soon though, soon :-)

Anonymous said...