FCS2 swag

it finally arrived!!! a great package from my FCS2 pal, polly from across the pond!!

first and foremost, my absolute favorite, fruit pastilles!!! the minute i opened the package, i devoured a tube of them. i cannot resist these things, they are THE best. then my favorite of all chocolates....cote d'or!! seriously, ever since i have been to belgium, i cannot accept any other grocery store brand. in fact, gaetan brings back literally 50 bars every time he goes over there. that and leonidas. yes, they are available here, but hello....it's just not the same. but i digress....there's more to the swag!!

a package of douwe egberts coffee (the brand of my senseo pods), a pair of knitting needles that her mom "made" that have a great sparkly top, some of annie's (i am not sure who annie is) homespun sock yarn - i guess now i have no excuse not to start on my first pair of socks - in a great lime-y green with a hint of yellow poking through the background, 2 hanks of a great rowanspun tweed in rich cranberry color with speckles of purple and red running through, and 2 skeins of rowan's "felted tweed" in a great pine green with flecks of silver, steel blue and rust. absolutely gorgeous, i am going to have to look for more of this stuff, so i can make a nice sweater out of it.

what boggles me, is how polly knew that i have been eyeing the tweeds at my LYS lately but haven't been able to decide on what to get and what to make with it? sometimes it just takes that little push from someone to help get you off the edge. thanks again polly!!!


KnitXcorE said...

i lurve tweed-y yarns! and the sock yarn looks delish.

The Imperfect Knitter said...

I am so pleased that you like the package, I guess that I thought you were a ' soon to be tweedie sort of chap' , I am sorry about the missing tube of pastilles , they just found their way to my mouth ! I like doing these swaps and hope that my choices are welcome to the swapees. I got a skein of wool ,some stickers and beads from my fav col swap 2. I am posting on my Marm's blog, hopefully at half term , when I am not at the beck and call of 32 little monsters I will start my own !!! Have a great day, and happy knitting, from Polly

dickie said...

cool gifts! it makes me want to join a swap. =)

Charles said...

Same here... Love your tweed yarns!!

Talking about sock knitting..
sock is easy!!

It will be great Lime green sock!!