i'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?

oh guess what, someone in my office was selling some raffle tickets all last month for a local high school, they are trying to raise money to send some of the students down to brazil to study the river and it's effects on the ecosystem.....so i bought 5...at a buck a piece. it was for a good cause. but get this...first prize was a 42" LCD HDTV, and second prize....? a nail treatment at some nail salon. HA! what a huge difference. anyway, i have been working on a bunch of stuff for the president of our company....a submission we were asked to exhibit for this weekend's conference he was attending, and some presentation he's giving at another conference wednesday. anyway, he comes up to me this morning and says CONGRATULATIONS. and i am like, heuh? what's he talking about. he said "i guess you haven't heard", and i am thinking what...did his presentation get cancelled so i don't have to stay all night to get the damned thing done? i said, "uhm...no." he shakes my hand, and he said "YOU WON". i am like what?!? he said, "the raffle. you won". still confused, i'm thinking oh great...just what i need...corn chip nail tips!! he said, you won....the TV!!!. i was like, na-uh. hahhahahaha. seriously, no one has contacted me about it yet. so i have my doubts. but SUPPOSEDLY i won!!! and i have been researching these things for the last couple of weeks since i got my tax refund! this thing is gonna look sweet in my knitting, err...living room!!


KnitXcorE said...

lolz! congrats!

Gretchen said...

Wow! Quite a prize. But why wait for them to call you? I think I'd I'd be knocking their door down: "Helloooo?! I'm your winner! Here I am! Where's my tv?"

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! So it's good that you didn't buy that TV on Woot a while back. Now you really need to get that optical cable to make your surround system the real deal-eeoo. Congrats! -Randy.