switchin' 2 swatchin'

so to clear my mind from any frustration caused by my own miscalculations (since i am such a horrible asian - what a disgrace, i can't do math) i am putting the vest aside and setting my sights on some new deliciousness:

i'm working on two new projects. a little dress for my niece to wear to a wedding coming up in a few months, and a hoodie a freind of mine in minneapolis has just commissioned me to do for her little son. all this goodness is really fun to work with, the colors are totally summer....reminding me of all the sherbet and ice cream jell-o my grandmother used to make us up at the lakehouse.

i'll be blocking these suckers up tomorrow to figure out the REAL gauge and i am going to be sure to make extensive notes even on small projects such as these, just to avoid any more frustration. seriously though, i am beginning to think that perhaps there was (dare i say) an error in the pattern that i was trying to follow? no, i am sure it was probably just me....sigh

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KnitXcorE said...

the colors are hot! i love that orange-y one.