you don't have to be a star, baby...to be on my show

last week we had a men's night at my LYS, where yourLA came to do a segment on the shop, and the men's knitting group. it was a great time, and i finally got to meet some of my blogland friends in real life. the host of the segment interviewed a bunch of us, i have a feeling that my bit will be cut since i kept forgetting the rules of being in front of a camera....NEVER look into the camera, unless of course that's the intended style of the bit. BUT, being as i am used to talking in group settings, i kept looking at the others sitting around the table as i was being interviewed. number one rule in the business world, is to make eye contact with the group as you are adressing questions and comments. well, this isn't the case when there is a camera amongst the crowd. makes for bad TV.

anyway, take a look at jason's blog for more photos of the night. oh, and if you are in LA, tune into the local NBC station this week to catch the segment!!

**photos courtesy of jasonknits


KnitXcorE said...

how cool!

knitguyla said...

I visited Mano today for the first time. What a great little store! It's a bit far for me to go on a regular basis but the owner was so nice and the whole vibe of the place was great. Also, they had Lorna's Lace sock yarn and that's always a score for me.