...it fits!!

i was so worried that it looked too small after i was done seaming all the pieces together. i even went out for a meal with some friends, who also have infants/toddlers, and i was trying to eye them up for size. when i got home and looked at it one more time i thought definitely it was going to be too small. i sent it off anyway, and thanks to connor's mom, we have photos!!

isn't he cute with his two little teeth?


knitting amongst the flowers

ok, ok. so not literally amongst the flowers, but next to a few? i am up in san jose right now, today's my grandmother's 87th birthday. i spent the afternoon sitting out in the back knitting with her...and those are her orchids. it's so relaxing knitting in the spring sun, with the smell of jasmine in the air and the sound of a stream gently trickling by. i am thinking i need to have one put in my backyard back home...

i've started on my niece's summer dress...now i KNOW i will definitely get this thing done before summer gets here.

oh, and i happened to catch a candid shot of my mother walking by. not the greatest shot, but kind of funny...


s p 1 0 s w a g

a package was delivered to me today...

and of course i got so excited knowing that it was from my secret pal.

first and foremost the gorgeous yarn!!! and it's 100% superwash merino. i just may have to start searching around the internets to find more of it, i have a feeling that it's wanting to be something more than what one hank could provide....=P yeah thanks secret pal, for making me add to my stash!! HA~

there are a couple of soaps thrown in there...looks like it may have been hand made by my SP?!?! not sure, but they are HILARIOUS. i am totally going to take a bath with it when i get home. some cardinal stickers. a pin with the US and VA state flags, a little pamphlet on virginia, the candle you all see....and of course some very delicious easter candy. (and my favorite _dark_ chocolate!!)

thanks pal for the fun and quirky package!!!


having a SEAMINGLY good time

saturday morning was filled with anticipation, as i was eagerly looking forward to finishing the baby hoodie i have been slowly but surely working on. (stop calling me shirley!) i finally cast off the last portion this week, and i had to keep my knitter's ADD in check, as i was so tempted to start working on that summer dress for my niece, and the baby blanket for a friend who's due late summer, and the socks i have been wanting to start, oh and fixing that god-awful vest i have cast aside...amongst all the other projects i have buzzing around in my mind.

so i gathered up all the pieces, got my coffee started, and was ready to begin the finishing.

by noon i had the front and back together, seamed at the shoulders, and the right sleeve attached.

a few hours and a couple of episodes of planet earth later... voile! the baby hoodie is done!

this little cutie is knit up in rowan's all seasons cotton; - 60% cotton/40% acrylic microfibre, in keen. perfect for baby wear, since it is machine washable. now that i am looking at the finished garment, i am hoping that it's not too small for little connor, yikes!

** addendum:
due to popular demand: yes, there is a pattern that i used - it is the hooded sweater from "special knits" by debbie bliss. there are lots of great, simple patterns in this book.