having a SEAMINGLY good time

saturday morning was filled with anticipation, as i was eagerly looking forward to finishing the baby hoodie i have been slowly but surely working on. (stop calling me shirley!) i finally cast off the last portion this week, and i had to keep my knitter's ADD in check, as i was so tempted to start working on that summer dress for my niece, and the baby blanket for a friend who's due late summer, and the socks i have been wanting to start, oh and fixing that god-awful vest i have cast aside...amongst all the other projects i have buzzing around in my mind.

so i gathered up all the pieces, got my coffee started, and was ready to begin the finishing.

by noon i had the front and back together, seamed at the shoulders, and the right sleeve attached.

a few hours and a couple of episodes of planet earth later... voile! the baby hoodie is done!

this little cutie is knit up in rowan's all seasons cotton; - 60% cotton/40% acrylic microfibre, in keen. perfect for baby wear, since it is machine washable. now that i am looking at the finished garment, i am hoping that it's not too small for little connor, yikes!

** addendum:
due to popular demand: yes, there is a pattern that i used - it is the hooded sweater from "special knits" by debbie bliss. there are lots of great, simple patterns in this book.


Gucci Muse said...

Gorgeous garment! Enjoyed looking at your work. I loved handmade knits, especially for children-very quick-I have never been able to do a knit for myself-too laborious!

KnitXcorE said...

soooooo cute! ive been waiting to see how that turned out.... did you usea pattern?

Paul said...

Adorable! Great pattern and great color. That's one lucky kid!

Matt said...

That is one cute baby sweater! What is the pattern!

dickie said...

cute! i love the color orange. =)

good job finishing all in one sitting. ^_^

knitguyla said...

Wow, it looks great! The colorway is terrific and I'm so jealous of your finishing skills. My finishing skills consist of giving it to the nice lady at the knitting store and paying because I can't master it myself. Great job!