s p 1 0 s w a g

a package was delivered to me today...

and of course i got so excited knowing that it was from my secret pal.

first and foremost the gorgeous yarn!!! and it's 100% superwash merino. i just may have to start searching around the internets to find more of it, i have a feeling that it's wanting to be something more than what one hank could provide....=P yeah thanks secret pal, for making me add to my stash!! HA~

there are a couple of soaps thrown in there...looks like it may have been hand made by my SP?!?! not sure, but they are HILARIOUS. i am totally going to take a bath with it when i get home. some cardinal stickers. a pin with the US and VA state flags, a little pamphlet on virginia, the candle you all see....and of course some very delicious easter candy. (and my favorite _dark_ chocolate!!)

thanks pal for the fun and quirky package!!!


Dave said...

Very nice -- and that yarn looks totally gorgeous!

micah said...

hay man! That's one sweet package! I need to send some TLC boxes to my secret yarn faries. It's been a while! I think we all got gifting-burnout after x-mas. Maybe I'll find good stuff at MSW next month
the word varification almost had a swear word!!! Fun!

Gucci Muse said...

Wow, love the pakaging-all of it, the way its put together and the colors- and yes, YUM YUM I also love dark chocolate!

BTW- is a secret pal like a secret santa? and for what occassion?