taking notice

after planting my garden nearly 3 years ago, this is the first year that my apple tree has had any blossoms.

in fact, up until this year, the tree was literally a twig sticking out of the ground with maybe two or three leaves each year. it was so sad, i thought for sure this tree wasn't going to make it. low and behold, more and more leaves came...and by more i mean there's something like 15 on the tree total. poor her. anyway, i was totally surprised when i saw a few small buds earlier this spring on there, and now it's got some nice blossoms. not a lot, since there are probably only about 3 or 4 small branches growing on that twig. totally charlie brown christmas tree like. imagine my surprise when i noticed this weekend that there are already a couple of apples growing on the tree!! i mean first of all why i just noticed them now, i have no idea...but oddly, look how they are growing on the tree:

upwards!! toward the sky!! how am i supposed to invent gravity if they are hanging up and not down? wait, those ARE apples aren't they?

the mandarin tree is starting to bear fruit as well. a little late compared to the lemon and the lime trees...i've already had a crop of lemons and a small amount of limes this year (we've been making lots of lemony dessert goodness around here). i suppose though, those came early since my citrus has usually come during the summer. ok, and these are sort of a surprise too since i haven't noticed any blossoms on the mandarin tree and suddenly now i am seeing little froo-its on her?

ok, so there actually HAS been knitting going on around here. progress has been made to the blanket i am working on. i am hoping to get this baby done soon:


hittin' the stash

amongst the wall of jasmine i have directly outside my dining room, there is a climbing rose - it's a joseph's coat. every year it's gotten full and lush with tons of flowers all over it. for some reason, this year she has been overtaken by the jasmine and has very few leaves. every here and there throughout the wall of green and white of the jasmine, you see spots of orange flowers popping out:

the flowers are quite stunning in color, although this variety of rose produces a pretty small flower. once they open, they only last a few days, and they start to turn a rich red color.

since i have finished socks #1, i have started on socks #2. this pair will be for G:

they are moving pretty fast, but i had to put them down for a bit to work on one of the blankets i have had spinning around in my head. since i have so much yarn in my stash - all with a specific purpose - and i started buying yarn for this year's holiday gifts, i figured that i had to get started on one of these blankets. i am knitting this one in strips, because i am too lazy to sew all the squares together, i decided why not cut the seaming time in half?


mondays aren't so bad...

when you have to wake up at 4:30 am to be at the airport...which then causes you to be in the office by 5:53 am, you get to leave at 4 pm. which means you just beat the beginning of the height of rush hour traffic. the sun's still out, the birds are still chirping, and the scent of jasmine and roses is in the air. if you are lucky enough, you get to enjoy a bit of knitting outside after a long day of sitting in an office. unfortunately i was too exhausted to knit...but i was able to sit and just relax a bit and took the time to actually SMELL the roses...

i was able to finish socks #1 last friday, i only got to take photos today since this weekend was G and my doubles tennis tournament. we lost, but it was our first tournament ever AND our first time playing doubles as partners so it was a lot of fun. we made it through 4 rounds of tennis in two days, and we were able to figure out what our weaknesses are and will be working on them for the next tournament. it's always easy to know what you are doing wrong, but hard to fix them especially when in the middle of a match.

i digress...

and yes, there really IS two of them.

YAY! i haven't succumbed to second sock syndrome. can i say that i am already addicted to knitting socks? i already have the yarn for 5 more pair. yeah. i say that now, but so far i've only just finished my first pair using worsted weight, and started my second...in worsted weight. i am putting off using REAL sock yarn for the next pair, when i am a bit more confident in my sock making skills, perhaps then size 1 needles won't seem so daunting.


happy 10 yrs to me

just look at what i walked into at the office this AM...

yes, that's my work area. good lord. the chairman of the board (formerly our president, you know - took a step up) came up to me and asked..."so do you know who did this?" yes, i do know, so i told him. then he said "...if it were me, i'd be embarassed..." i told him this is exactly what my house looks like. ALL THE TIME.

come to think of it, my workstation is a pig stye. it's just enhanced all that much more by all the "ribbons" as G called it.


happy cinco de mayo

today's a big day for more than just the mexican soldiers who smashed the french and traiter mexican army, it's my 10 year anniversary at the company i work for. oh great, i am going to get a plaque at the all-office lunch meeting on monday. i guess i better think of something kind to say in front of all my peers. how about finish up your tamale and get back to work, i have deadlines. today is also one of the diamond club member's birthday and it's also that same person's wedding anniversary. so for that, let's eat some tacos.

not a lot of knitting getting completed around here, but certainly a lot has been going on. i've decided to take a sock class at my LYS, since i have been wanting to do socks but just couldn't self motivate to learn on my own. so i figured do it in a semi-social setting and i am forced to start. and so far, i am loving it. behold, my first sock:

and thusly, my first hole:

because i was afraid of catching second sock syndrome, i am concurrently knitting both socks:

since this class has been going on inside the actual store, i couldn't help but pick up some things to add to my stash after each class. after all, we do get a discount for taking the class....last week i picked up a bunch of malabrigo in some new colorways, and this week i couldn't resist the new shipment of rio de la plata's multicolor plied merino DK:

i have no idea what i am going to do with this stuff, i just fell in love with the colorway at the shop. now i am having second thoughs about it though, since i found 2 knots, and 2 portions where the ply was so thin that it was on the verge of breaking, hence the several small cakes you see. i may just have to bring this stuff back and trade it in for more malabrigo. i am playing with the idea of doing a blanket in malabrigo...HOW DIVINE!

in other knitting, i have been making little to no progress on the summer dress for my niece. actually, i have been doing two rows per night....it's THAT boring. the top portion of the dress is really cute, with a little more in the patterning and stitches, but for the lower portion it's just boring ole stockinette:

lastly, i have been working on the last sleeve for my cardigan (sans hood).

willi EVER get this thing done!?!?