hittin' the stash

amongst the wall of jasmine i have directly outside my dining room, there is a climbing rose - it's a joseph's coat. every year it's gotten full and lush with tons of flowers all over it. for some reason, this year she has been overtaken by the jasmine and has very few leaves. every here and there throughout the wall of green and white of the jasmine, you see spots of orange flowers popping out:

the flowers are quite stunning in color, although this variety of rose produces a pretty small flower. once they open, they only last a few days, and they start to turn a rich red color.

since i have finished socks #1, i have started on socks #2. this pair will be for G:

they are moving pretty fast, but i had to put them down for a bit to work on one of the blankets i have had spinning around in my head. since i have so much yarn in my stash - all with a specific purpose - and i started buying yarn for this year's holiday gifts, i figured that i had to get started on one of these blankets. i am knitting this one in strips, because i am too lazy to sew all the squares together, i decided why not cut the seaming time in half?


Charles said...

I really like the socks yarn!!
What is the name?
blanketweave stitch is fun to knit!!!

KnitXcorE said...

I already commented on your lovely flowers, but the colors choices for that blanket are phenomenal..... you always pick my favorite colors :-) your picture are getting much better, did you get a new camera?

Charles said...

Finally, my interview is OUT~~ at "Knitting time Together:

Check out my blog to listen!