happy cinco de mayo

today's a big day for more than just the mexican soldiers who smashed the french and traiter mexican army, it's my 10 year anniversary at the company i work for. oh great, i am going to get a plaque at the all-office lunch meeting on monday. i guess i better think of something kind to say in front of all my peers. how about finish up your tamale and get back to work, i have deadlines. today is also one of the diamond club member's birthday and it's also that same person's wedding anniversary. so for that, let's eat some tacos.

not a lot of knitting getting completed around here, but certainly a lot has been going on. i've decided to take a sock class at my LYS, since i have been wanting to do socks but just couldn't self motivate to learn on my own. so i figured do it in a semi-social setting and i am forced to start. and so far, i am loving it. behold, my first sock:

and thusly, my first hole:

because i was afraid of catching second sock syndrome, i am concurrently knitting both socks:

since this class has been going on inside the actual store, i couldn't help but pick up some things to add to my stash after each class. after all, we do get a discount for taking the class....last week i picked up a bunch of malabrigo in some new colorways, and this week i couldn't resist the new shipment of rio de la plata's multicolor plied merino DK:

i have no idea what i am going to do with this stuff, i just fell in love with the colorway at the shop. now i am having second thoughs about it though, since i found 2 knots, and 2 portions where the ply was so thin that it was on the verge of breaking, hence the several small cakes you see. i may just have to bring this stuff back and trade it in for more malabrigo. i am playing with the idea of doing a blanket in malabrigo...HOW DIVINE!

in other knitting, i have been making little to no progress on the summer dress for my niece. actually, i have been doing two rows per night....it's THAT boring. the top portion of the dress is really cute, with a little more in the patterning and stitches, but for the lower portion it's just boring ole stockinette:

lastly, i have been working on the last sleeve for my cardigan (sans hood).

willi EVER get this thing done!?!?


KnitXcorE said...

i alaways love your yarn choices <333

KnitXcorE said...


Anonymous said...

WHAT? TEN?? No way!
I suggest you do the whole speech in Spanish cause that would be awesome.

Charles said...

Great for first socks!!
O MY.....Now you can start to buy sock yarn!!!
I know, now iam so in to sock knitting right now..i have 50 pair of socks yarn to go...O GOD HELP ME~~~~

I really like the rio de la plata yarn!!!


Kim said...

Nice yarn choices! BTW, I've been knitting a lot of socks lately and I've never had a problem with the hole in the corner of the gusset if I PU an extra stitch right before the instep, then K2TOG on the next round to get rid of it. The same applies for the opposite side, but you SSK on the next round. Not sure if the class instructor had you do it, but it works for me every time. Enjoy!

Gucci Muse said...

The dress looks nice- like I said befor, I can'y wait to see it done-ah geez- you have patience don't you- I wish I could do as much knitting as you think you don't do!

Annie said...

Hi,this is my first time to visit your blog,and very glad to know the second man liking to kint(the first one is Dave).I always think knitting is only for women (at least in Asia,it is.I am from Taiwan)So I am curious about how men can do in this women-related field.After seeing you and Dave's work,I realize men are also talented in knitting as women .

dickie said...

I just finished knitting my very 2nd sock. My first sock was perfect (aside from being too short).. but my second sock has weird holes everywhere. o_O Hmmm, maybe your second sock will be perfect. ^_^

Can't wait to see the cardigan when it's done!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Be warned - sock knitting is highly addictive. I swore I would never knit socks and have now made 20+ pairs.