taking notice

after planting my garden nearly 3 years ago, this is the first year that my apple tree has had any blossoms.

in fact, up until this year, the tree was literally a twig sticking out of the ground with maybe two or three leaves each year. it was so sad, i thought for sure this tree wasn't going to make it. low and behold, more and more leaves came...and by more i mean there's something like 15 on the tree total. poor her. anyway, i was totally surprised when i saw a few small buds earlier this spring on there, and now it's got some nice blossoms. not a lot, since there are probably only about 3 or 4 small branches growing on that twig. totally charlie brown christmas tree like. imagine my surprise when i noticed this weekend that there are already a couple of apples growing on the tree!! i mean first of all why i just noticed them now, i have no idea...but oddly, look how they are growing on the tree:

upwards!! toward the sky!! how am i supposed to invent gravity if they are hanging up and not down? wait, those ARE apples aren't they?

the mandarin tree is starting to bear fruit as well. a little late compared to the lemon and the lime trees...i've already had a crop of lemons and a small amount of limes this year (we've been making lots of lemony dessert goodness around here). i suppose though, those came early since my citrus has usually come during the summer. ok, and these are sort of a surprise too since i haven't noticed any blossoms on the mandarin tree and suddenly now i am seeing little froo-its on her?

ok, so there actually HAS been knitting going on around here. progress has been made to the blanket i am working on. i am hoping to get this baby done soon:


KnitXcorE said...

I'm soooo sad that I lost my lemon tree last summer to scales :-( I know I've told you a million times, but i love the colors of the blanket.

J.P. said...

The colors in the blanket are awesome!

Gucci Muse said...

Love the fruit tree photos! I wish I could pick a lemon or lime and make a fresh pie!

hitashi said...

Three years is a long time to wait isn't it?

It is a cause for a celebration!

Seems like you have to be really patient for those fruit trees? But, once they are established it's something to look forward to every year and perhaps share with your friends :)?

The baby blanket looks great, maybe just a few more squares before it's completed?