it's been a long time coming...

as in this post? no. well, perhaps that too. BUT, as in...i finally cast off the last sleeve of my cardigan (sans hood).

i need to add the trim to one more pocket opening, sew the two pocket flaps on, and then i can block the pieces before seaming. once seaming is done, i will knit in the collar. still seems eons away, but i am determined to get it done before casting on another new project.

i've also managed to finish the left (or is is the right ?) of socks #2.

i am very happy with this sock, as there are no holes in the gusset area!! woohoo.

hopefully, this means that i have figured out how to avoid these holes, or i just got lucky and it didn't happen. i like to think it's the former. now the dilemma is...is casting on for the second sock count as casting on a new project before getting my cardigan done?!?!


the beauty of it all

the kangaroo paws are in full force. checked in on the mandarin and the apples...no visible change within one week, maybe i am getting impatient now.

another SP10 swag package came last week. i haven't been able to take photos until today:

i love all the great stuff my secret pal put into the package...a lot of thought had gone into it. i am totally thrilled that my SP included things that represent very good causes and groups. for example, the blue mesh you see there is actually an eco bag...to bring shopping to avoid waste with bags given by the stores, we need to do all we can to help reduce waste. the soap (chocolate scented, btw) and chocolate body butter are both locally made. the brownie mix is from the women's bean project...a group that employs women who come from backgrounds of chronic unemployment and poverty. and of course the overall theme of this package is chocolate. lots and lots of lovely chocolate. oh, and i can't forget my most favorite thing...the knitters', crocheters', weavers' & spinners' travel guide.

now i can plan my summer vacations according to where the fibers are!! thanks secret pal!!!