it's been a long time coming...

as in this post? no. well, perhaps that too. BUT, as in...i finally cast off the last sleeve of my cardigan (sans hood).

i need to add the trim to one more pocket opening, sew the two pocket flaps on, and then i can block the pieces before seaming. once seaming is done, i will knit in the collar. still seems eons away, but i am determined to get it done before casting on another new project.

i've also managed to finish the left (or is is the right ?) of socks #2.

i am very happy with this sock, as there are no holes in the gusset area!! woohoo.

hopefully, this means that i have figured out how to avoid these holes, or i just got lucky and it didn't happen. i like to think it's the former. now the dilemma is...is casting on for the second sock count as casting on a new project before getting my cardigan done?!?!


KnitXcorE said...

tht sweater is fantastic!!!!!! where is the pattern from???? ineed to make it. mine will be SANS sans hood :-)

Matt said...

technically, the 2nd sock dosen't count, it's still the same project. 2 sleaves is still one project right? I'm sticking to it anyhow! BTW what is the sock pattern?

Having a Knit Fitt said...

It is one pair of socks so, no, the second sock is not a new project.
Looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan. And thanks for the garden pictures.

Charles said...

O mY GOD~~ Does socks looks great!!!The yarn shows great patten!

By the way, did you see my knitting video yet!


Taxastrikkeren said...

OH - you have made 2 left socks!Now you must make 2 right socks too;-)
I am knitting socks too and I go whit my foot naked in all the summertime.
Gitte from Denmark