let "them" (meaning me) eat cake

so, i did actually run out of yarn for those jaywalkers. i have about an inch more to go, before starting the toe decreases. i mean, i have the yarn for the second sock. but if i use that now, i am going to end up with one full sized jaywalker, and one ankle sock. how loverly. because i am so close to the toe-cap, and i probably won't find the same dye lot i could potentially do a different color toe, although i am feeling like the toe-cap AND another inch may look a bit strange. well, i will go to the LYS and see what they have. you never know, one lonely hank of the same colorway and same dye lot might be hanging around.

so in other knitting news, progress has been made to the flower basket shawl. i'll spare everyone photos right now since unblocked lace is just unblocked lace. how interesting can it be...

i almost forgot to mention!!! i've added to my stash with some lovelies from yarn nerd

i can't wait to start knitting with this stuff, i just love the colorways!!


knitting going on?

yes, there's been knitting. not much, since we were in the midwest for a sort of mini-vacation last week. while wandering through the gardens of the newly remodeled museum, i stumbled across this interesting sculpture...

could it be an actual larger-than-life skein of yarn? i'll never know since i wasn't smart enough to read the placquard about the piece. can anyone guess where we were? here's a hint, the city was founded by this man, a belgian in fact!!

that's right, father hennepin whose statue is located right in front of the basilica of st. mary.

that should be enough to give it away. if you still haven't figured it out, here's a dead giveaway...one of the most famous icons of the city

as far as actual knitting goes? i decided to frog the anastasia socks - after several attempts i couldn't get a grasp of the wrap and turn technique of a toe-up. i kept getting these strange holes, let's call them eyelets, on one side of the toe cap. instead, i started a jaywalker from the top down, and of course now i am freaking out because i feel as if i am going to run out of yarn and i am not even halfway through the foot!!


new projects on board

i have once again retired my cardigan to the back of the closet. don't ask me, i don't know. i guess i am just not that interested in it since i won't be able to use it as soon as it's done. but then again, it would go in the back of the closet until cooler days if it were...typical to my nature, i am just procrastinating on it once again. perhaps it's my lack of interest in seaming?

speaking of seaming, i have started "birdie" from Hand Knits for Kids, by lucinda guy.

there is a lot of seaming involved in this project as well, but perhaps since it will be a gift that will motivate me to get it done - take the baby blanket for example.

i've also started my first toe-up socks, it's the anastasia socks pattern by mintyfresh.

so far i've only gotten up to the first sock toe cap. then i had to put it down because i have been meaning to start on a shawl for a friend for some time now, and since i couldn't decide on a pattern i just started two simulatneously. these will surely get done before the cardigan, there's no seaming involved.

flower basket shawl from interweave knits (fall 2004) by evelyn e. clark

and the candle flame shawl by dean crane

i am loving the candle flame pattern, but i think for the gift i will stick with the flower basket pattern, simply because it's more of a true lace pattern which i am sure will look 100% better once it's done and blocked. oh, and a word of advice: don't attempt to knit lace while watching wimbledon - or be prepared to try to edit a lot of mishaps. wowZa. not a pretty sight.

WHEW. that's about it for now. i'll let you know how progress goes. here's to summer knitting!!


the end is near

well, for socks #2 it's already here.

i've also finally finished the blanket:

this blanket was knit in strips 35 sts across, changing colors every 48 rows to reduce seaming all the squares together. the strips were then seamed together and the blanket was blocked as a whole. the yarn is GGH Solitaire - 44% wool, 43% acrylic and 13% elite for ease of washing. knitting in strips definitely cut my seaming time down, but man were there a lot of ends to weave in...

but the exciting news is that the pieces for my cardigan are finally blocking.

i can't wait to get this thing done, yet i am not really looking forward to all the seaming, especially since the temps have been going up and is forcasted to continue to rise. yet, to celebrate i cast on a toe-up sock. well, what else was i to do with everything else on the blocking boards?!??