knitting going on?

yes, there's been knitting. not much, since we were in the midwest for a sort of mini-vacation last week. while wandering through the gardens of the newly remodeled museum, i stumbled across this interesting sculpture...

could it be an actual larger-than-life skein of yarn? i'll never know since i wasn't smart enough to read the placquard about the piece. can anyone guess where we were? here's a hint, the city was founded by this man, a belgian in fact!!

that's right, father hennepin whose statue is located right in front of the basilica of st. mary.

that should be enough to give it away. if you still haven't figured it out, here's a dead giveaway...one of the most famous icons of the city

as far as actual knitting goes? i decided to frog the anastasia socks - after several attempts i couldn't get a grasp of the wrap and turn technique of a toe-up. i kept getting these strange holes, let's call them eyelets, on one side of the toe cap. instead, i started a jaywalker from the top down, and of course now i am freaking out because i feel as if i am going to run out of yarn and i am not even halfway through the foot!!


Kim said...

Yay, Minneapolis!

Good luck with your Anastasia socks! I had to learn that darn short row toe/heel (with the wrap and turns) so I could stretch my Colinette Jitterbug hank for a whole pair and it turned out I had leftover yarn anyway!

Dave said...

There are other toes you can do toe up if the short-row one bugs you. I'm loving the colours in that yarn. Koigu?

Charles said...

Try Ann Budd's Summer2007 Interweave Toe Up socks pattern! It is so easy to do!(Her new socks is coming out this Sep..Check out my site for new books)

Socks are coming along great!
It always happen too..I Hate that!
IT looks like your using a Koige

kasiaiscarly said...

I LOVE the twin cities! I lived there when I co-oped with 3M in college. Such a great place!(well, when it's not 100 degrees with 100% humidity in the summer or -40 with the wind chill in the winter!)