let "them" (meaning me) eat cake

so, i did actually run out of yarn for those jaywalkers. i have about an inch more to go, before starting the toe decreases. i mean, i have the yarn for the second sock. but if i use that now, i am going to end up with one full sized jaywalker, and one ankle sock. how loverly. because i am so close to the toe-cap, and i probably won't find the same dye lot i could potentially do a different color toe, although i am feeling like the toe-cap AND another inch may look a bit strange. well, i will go to the LYS and see what they have. you never know, one lonely hank of the same colorway and same dye lot might be hanging around.

so in other knitting news, progress has been made to the flower basket shawl. i'll spare everyone photos right now since unblocked lace is just unblocked lace. how interesting can it be...

i almost forgot to mention!!! i've added to my stash with some lovelies from yarn nerd

i can't wait to start knitting with this stuff, i just love the colorways!!


bunchkin said...

That sock nerd yarn is gorgeous! I really like the toasted marshmallow looking one.

Tracy said...

That cake/ice cream/ latte combo looks like the yummiest death by diabetic shock possible!
Sorry to hear about your Jaywalker woes but I'm sure a different dye lot won't be so bad. Good luck with them!

KnitXcorE said...

I want cake! Yarn nerd color are deeeee-lish! I have to de-stash a bit before indulging tho.