new projects on board

i have once again retired my cardigan to the back of the closet. don't ask me, i don't know. i guess i am just not that interested in it since i won't be able to use it as soon as it's done. but then again, it would go in the back of the closet until cooler days if it were...typical to my nature, i am just procrastinating on it once again. perhaps it's my lack of interest in seaming?

speaking of seaming, i have started "birdie" from Hand Knits for Kids, by lucinda guy.

there is a lot of seaming involved in this project as well, but perhaps since it will be a gift that will motivate me to get it done - take the baby blanket for example.

i've also started my first toe-up socks, it's the anastasia socks pattern by mintyfresh.

so far i've only gotten up to the first sock toe cap. then i had to put it down because i have been meaning to start on a shawl for a friend for some time now, and since i couldn't decide on a pattern i just started two simulatneously. these will surely get done before the cardigan, there's no seaming involved.

flower basket shawl from interweave knits (fall 2004) by evelyn e. clark

and the candle flame shawl by dean crane

i am loving the candle flame pattern, but i think for the gift i will stick with the flower basket pattern, simply because it's more of a true lace pattern which i am sure will look 100% better once it's done and blocked. oh, and a word of advice: don't attempt to knit lace while watching wimbledon - or be prepared to try to edit a lot of mishaps. wowZa. not a pretty sight.

WHEW. that's about it for now. i'll let you know how progress goes. here's to summer knitting!!


Dave said...

Sounds like someone has start-itis? :-) I must admit I like your avoidance techniques.

KnitXcorE said...

yeah, I've decided not only that lucinda has never knit in the round but also that she loves sewing together thousands of tiny parts.

kasiaiscarly said...

i share your hatred of seaming. i detest mattress stitch more than ANYTHING. i pretty much exclusively knit in the round, with a few exceptions for my knitted grocery bags!!

(btw, i found your blog from the SP11 site comments!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! It's like how many projects can you fit in one blog post?

Just teasing :)

I think you should work on your cardigan so it's ready for fall?

I actually prefer to let the finish projects 'marinate' in the closet for a few months before I actually want to use them (I get bored of the project right after I finish it and don't really want to wear the FO right away). I know it's kinda wierd, right?

Maybe I should start a carigan too? I think that it would be great to have finished before it get's cold here....


dickie said...

I love your candle flame shawl. I've been trying to find a pattern for a wrap or shawl to give to the person who taught me to knit... and I think the candle flame is the one I'll go for. ^_^

bunchkin said...

You sound like me with all those projects going at the same time! I knit and I knit but nothing ever seems to get finished.....

Gucci Muse said...

Oh my, you have made me quiet tired thinking about all the knitting you do! How do you find the time to do it?