sp10 revealed

my final package from my secret pal arrived on monday, and i have to say i am totally stoked with this package! it's got a nice creative mix of things, things that i like but would never purchase for myself. i love that sort of package, and i always try to keep that in mind when i am buying gifts for other people. when i am out and about and in a cute shop i am constantly seeing things that i like, but i would never buy for myself...i try to pick things like that for gifts. things the recipient may not purchase for themself.

i digress, the contents of my final package:

one of my favorite things in there is the casaviva magazine she picked up while in columbia, and the lavender jagger spun 'zephyr'. thanks so much secret pal!!


Dave said...

Cool stuff! What is that egg-shaped thing with the gorgeous colours? A paperweight?

Charles said...

Jagger spun is really great yarn for lace project..Our shop trying to get this yarn for the knitter GREAT HIT!

If want to come by where i work "Hissy Knit" in LA.. check out the website

micah said...

hey, sweet!
By the Wway, I'm a moron, what city were you in on the mini vacation?

The big cherry, I'm thinking Travers City Mchigan but they have nothing like that!

dickie said...

wow, that's so cool!
you make me want to join a swap thingie. ^_^