give me a P, give me an O, give me....eh, ferget it

ok, so here's the question, do i like the pompom made the old-fashioned manual way:

or do i need to get a pompom maker:

the above photo courtesy of roy, my new knitterboypupil. the pompoms he made were put together using the small sizes of clover pompom makers. the prior photo is a hat i am making for my niece, the photo doesn't show the sparkly-ness of the blue yarn which is so cute, with a pompom made by me the manual way, with a debit card of course!! what do you guys think, should i invest in a pompom maker or keep to the messy tussled look?


sp11 swag-one

hurray! a package from my secret pal came this week!

inside, was a great skein of sock yarn hand dyed by my secret pal herself. loverly! some black licorice...which is SO divine. some delicious chocolate, and finally a tin of mice bathed in catnip.

thanks for the great package secret pal, and for thinking of miusey while you were at it, she went CRAZY for the meeces!


too little, too soon

too little:

yes, that's what's in my freezer right now. and yes, i do have an ice cream maker that makes delicious ice cream. but you know what? sometimes i just get lazy. that and i don't have all the ingredients to make whatever flavor hits my mood at any given moment!

too soon:
i finished knitting a small batch of holiday gifts. i won't show them now, they still need to be blocked to look pretty for the camera. plus i have a lot more to go so i might as well wait and shoot the lot together.

too little:
knitting that is. due to a recent (minor) wrist injury coupled with the US Open going on the last two weeks, i have been taking it easy on the knitting. keeping it simple with the noro striped scarf #1 and the simple stockinette stitch hats holiday projects. i did attempt a start at a new project though, i knit up a small swatch to measure gauge...took a look at the swatch, decided which tension i prefered with which needle size and ripped it out. as soon as i started casting on for the project i realized i hadn't done a stitch count. great. so i reknit another swatch. good lord, venus williams' new outfits are too distracting for knitting!! thank god i was of sound mind...or was there not US Open that day, that i was able to start the project - it's a super yummy vest knit up from malabrigo in the violetta's colorway. photos to come when it's further along.