sp11 swag-one

hurray! a package from my secret pal came this week!

inside, was a great skein of sock yarn hand dyed by my secret pal herself. loverly! some black licorice...which is SO divine. some delicious chocolate, and finally a tin of mice bathed in catnip.

thanks for the great package secret pal, and for thinking of miusey while you were at it, she went CRAZY for the meeces!


bunchkin said...

What is wrong with you licorice-loving people???!!!!

The smell alone makes me gag. The other day my husband gave all of my children licorice, and I couldn't even hold them or get close to them because of their toxic breath. Ugghh!!!

It's VILE!!!!!

(Love the yarn, though!)

Tracy said...

Great package! I love that colorway for socks - lucky you :-)

royfenn said...

So cute that she thought of miu miu! I love that little pussy!

KnitXcorE said...

I <3 black licorice! the picture on the front of that card is hilarious.