mystery yarn

speaking of swag, my mother just got back from PRoC and brought back this skein of sock yarn for me. problem is, none of us can read chinese so we don't have any idea what it is. i am guessing ram? there's definitely the wool symbol on the band.

it's got some really nice color variation in it, it's four ply with one strand of dark chocolate brown, one strand of a grey-ish brown, and two strands of a grey-ish purple-y lavender.

in other knitting news

i actually have knitting updates...

earlier in the year i bought gankloads of noro silk garden in colorway 249 with the intention of knitting up a blanket. i had visions of a chevron pattern but i got too excited with the colorway i just could not wait to delve in. so i cast on for a sweater vest and quickly got bored of what i was doing. so it sat in the back of the closet until this month when i decided to frog the whole thing and actually start that blanket.

the pattern is inspired by the hexagon bag pattern by Norah Gaughan from Knit Simple Magazine, Fall 2007.

speaking of sweater vests, i've done a little more work on the vest for G. he's been asking about it so i guess it's due time to add another row or two...


Kerry said...

I don't read Chinese either so I can't help but I can say the color is great. Should make a very nice pair of socks. :-)

I'm glad to see you frogged the Noro and started the blanket. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Love the colorway you're using for G's vest too. I'll bet he can't wait to model it.

dickie said...

The blanket looks awesome. Great use of Noro. =)
Is the vest made of Malabrigo?

KnitXcorE said...

ummmmm. thatblanketisamahhhhhhhhhhhhhzing.
i can't wait to see it all finished!

Eric & Tony said...

I cannot wait for the Noro Blanket.

royfenn said...

I hate that you know how to make a blanket like that. I can't wait to be at your skill level!!!! But with your wisdom, I'll be there in no time!