swags o comin'

as i sit here waiting to leave for the airport i am creating a new blog post with my window open. outside, i hear hoards of people screaming and cheering at first reminding me of the sounds of folks on a roller coaster, the sound coming in waves. then i realize, i live nowhere near a theme park. ok, perhaps there's a carnival somewhere nearby? sad, i sit here in my house in front of a computer when there are clown faces to shoot water guns at in hopes of making that balloon pop.

perhaps it's that sports stadium in town...i hear becks is back from injury, yeah that's what i hear. oh wait. that stadium is more than 5 miles away.

upon closer inspection, i.e. all my windows open and me running from room to room peering my head out on all sides of the house i discover it must be one of the local high schools - football game? - marching band competition? i hear 'bring it on' music. i hear cheers in waves. yeah, that's what it is...it's not the carnies coming to take me away at all.

earlier this week, a second installment of my SP11 exchange came in. TOTALLY excited about this package...four skeins of panda wool by crystal palace. i have been eyeing bamboo yarns for a while now but you know how it goes, coveting new yarn but reasoning with yourself to restrain unless you have a project in mind. i could never think of something to make with it. sometimes, you just need a swift kick in the arse...or someone to gift it to you. i LOVE the color variation in this yarn, it has a slight sheen along with the blue and greyish-blue stranding it gives off the illusion of glimmer or sparkle, both of which i adore.

along with the yarn is a packet of licorice pastilles (yum.) chocolate covered coffee beans and a bar of lindt chocolate with hazelnuts, some various notions, and my absolute favorite? halloween themed pencils. oh, and i can't forget the little treats for kitty. every single thing in this package is perfect - somehow, my secret pal KNOWS me. thanks sp!!


royfenn said...

that yarn is SO pretty! maybe i should buy some!!!!

Charles said...

Lovely GIFT~~~

Great color blue Panda wool! Swesome!
It will be great you could knit some "Angosy Scarf" with panda wool..

Free pattern is here: (Copy and Past) http://www.shokay.com/shokay_yarn/pdf/Argosy_Scarf_Vyvan_Neel.pdf

Anonymous said...

Wool made from panda should be black and white.