quick update

i have managed to finish noro striped skerf #2:

there is a slight color shift from noro striped skerf #1:

which i've done intentionally by switching one of the alternating colorways since these will be going to the same family of friends. i need to get the third one done (which i will switch out the second new colorway in hopes of creating a varied continuity in the lot) in order to check them off the list.

FINALLY...progress is being made to the vest for G (yeahyeahyeah, don't even ask me about the second jaywalker sock):

lastly, but not leastly...i've gotten a little further on the hexagon throw. i had to put it aside for the moment to try and get a few other time sensitive things done.

not sure how long this one will be on the back burner (probably until after the holidays). my intention is to have it fit my queen sized bed by the time all is said and done.


dickie said...

The noro scarves look great! It's such an easy, but beautiful project. Noro is magic. hehehe.
The hexagon throw looks cool too!

Dave said...

I'm loving your skerfs -- great colour combinations! Speaking of which, that hexagon throw is going to be absolutely gorgeous. That's a wonderful combination of pattern and colour.

KnitXcorE said...

you always pick the best colors!!!!

Jason said...

Wow, you have a lot of holiday knits! You are keeping the scarves shortish, right? All that 1x1 ribbing can be maddening.

Love the colors of scarves. The hexagon throw looks very interesting. It's going to be amazing over the bed.