bid farewell

this is the last we'll see of the malabrigo striped sweater. i may try to knit him up again, but i am really not happy with my very very poor carrying technique. who would have thunk that carrying yarn in a knit-in-the-round piece was that much different than in a straight piece? and here i thought i was an expert after so successfully carrying on skerf's.

see where the stitch marker is? if you follow that up to the neck you can see the not only obvious bad carrying technique but the crooked "i can't carry straight up". what an embarassment! i guess the only thing straight up around here is my martini. so...i am going to frog the whole thing and i may attempt this sweater again, but perhaps knit in a different technique, like say, from the bottom up? or maybe in pieces and then seamed together? who knows what 2008 will bring...


coolass coolhats for coldheads

ok, so there's 5 days left until christmas, and i clearly haven't done any more holiday gift knitting since my last post. i figured the gifts that are left to finish won't be delivered until the second week of january when i will personally hand deliver them when i am back in minneapolis, so i have plenty of time to finish them up.

in the meantime i have been working selfishly on new items i figure i NEED, since i will be out in typically 4F to 22F temps for that time of year.

yes, that is koolhaas. lovely design, especially since i am a huge fan of Rem Koolhaas. although this pattern is easy to get into a rhythm with, it's not a good one to work on when you can only dedicate yourself partially. in other words pay attention, otherwise you will end up with an unclosed cable.

it's knit up in ryc's cashsoft dk in color 00515 'tape'. lovely yarn to work with as it is super soft and glides effortlessly over bamboo needles, an absolute dream. as long as you are paying attention. or at least remember to stop and admire your work often, because if you wait until you think you are practically finished as you are just about to weave in those ends and decide to check out your skillz, you'll frustrate yourself to no end when you find a whole row of bad cabling due to one little missed stitch. thank you very much.


holiday knitting

i've been able to knock off a few gifts - knock them off the list that is. as in, i've changed my mind as to how many hand knit gifts there are going to be this year. i came to the realization that knitting under stress and pressure is knot enjoyable, and if it's knot enjoyable then it's knot worth knitting.

however, i have been able to complete an earflap hat family and they are ready to be sent:

these earflap hats are going to my sister, brother in law and niece in ohio. of course, i kept all the colors in the same family since the hats are all going to the same family. HA~! i am full of them tonite, aren't i?

i've made progress on the striped malabrigo sweater - i am about a third of the way down but i have stopped production as i am not sure i am liking my craftsmanship. because it's knit in the round and has horizontal stripes at regular intervals, i am carrying the yarn and my technique for carrying yarn while knitting in the round is yet to be desired. i can CLEARLY notice where my carrying is happening and it bothers me. plus, i can sadly say that i didn't choose a very wise place to carry. on the bright side, thanks to the advice of jason, i have resolved the issue of the little jogs where the color change happens.

no photos until i can decide what to do...frog or continue.