a striped...??

ok, this is all that i have been working on this week:

it doesn't look like much, but already i have frogged and started over 4 times, and tinked back several rows, i don't know how many times...

at first i was using the incredible, custom-fit raglan sweater formula. i got down to joining the circle, and decided that i didn't like that neck opening and wanted to do a more standard ribbed neck. so then i went to my trusty knitting from the top book by barbara walker. i followed her tutorial a couple of times, modifying my version each time i restarted.

now, finally i am contemplating frogging once again, because a) i am worried that i don't have enough yarn to complete a whole sweater, in which case i may end up making a vest. and b) i am not liking the color jogs in the striping as i am knitting in the round. if i end up doing the vest, this wont be a huge issue since i can always place the color changes down one of the sides, under the arm. i guess it's worth searching the internet-s for tips on how one might avoid these ugly little color jogs. any tips?

(oh, and in case you were wondering, yes there will be some orange detailing in this piece as well. the yarn is malabrigo worsted in olive, bobby blue, and rhodesian)


why i woke up with a migraine...

which was caused by my annoying smoke detectors...

at around 4am the smoke detector in the master bedroom started beeping. at first i didn't know what it was as i woke up thinking, "did i dream that i heard a beep or was that really a beep?" i laid there trying to go back to sleep and what seemed like a minute later it happened again. there was that high pitched beep. i realized that it was the smoke detector and knew that when it does that it means it needs to be reset.

i climbed out of bed, ran into the office and got a chair and climbed up to press the button to reset it. nothing happened. it continued to beep 15 seconds later, and at this point at 15 second intervals. meanwhile, i am thinking "damn it why does this have to happen at 4am". so then i remembered, "oh, perhaps you are supposed to hold it down for like 10 seconds to reset it." so i press the button again, and after holding it down continuously, it makes a constant beeeeeeep. which then triggers off the one in the next room (in this case the hallway) to go off. which then triggers the next one to go off. chain reaction. so of course i am sooooo irritated at this point because there i am standing on a chair in the dark pressing a button and all the smoke detectors in my house are going off. i decide, ok maybe i'm supposed to hold the button for 15 seconds and not 10. thank god it worked.

by this point i am totally awake and couldn't fall back asleep. of course i laid there tossing and turning. finally when i felt comfortable and had my eyes closed, i noticed a light/dark light/dark seemingly flashing happening. i open my eyes and sure enough, there is a strobe going off outside. i get up to look and there is a police car right at the corner of my house, and a paramedic truck in the driveway across the street. i see the cop go running across the street from the paramedic truck to his patrol car, grabs something out of there and starts flashing a light around. i thought, oh shit there's someone running around the neighborhood they are trying to pursue. i hear a woman's voice shout "over here!" as a firetruck comes racing down the street with an ambulance in tow...all this without sirens. since i am already up and looking i continue to watch. needless to say, it was just someone who had to be taken away in an ambulance around the corner...no fire or major excitement for me to watch.

so by now it's like 5am and i know i have to get up at 6, but i am so irritated and tired that i decide to lay there and try to relax. by the time the alarm went off, i had fallen asleep and i decided that i would lie there for a few minutes before i got up and at that point realized that my head was killing me.

whew. how is that story for an excuse to call in for work? at least i will be able to test if knitting can help calm a throbbing head.


quick update

i have managed to finish noro striped skerf #2:

there is a slight color shift from noro striped skerf #1:

which i've done intentionally by switching one of the alternating colorways since these will be going to the same family of friends. i need to get the third one done (which i will switch out the second new colorway in hopes of creating a varied continuity in the lot) in order to check them off the list.

FINALLY...progress is being made to the vest for G (yeahyeahyeah, don't even ask me about the second jaywalker sock):

lastly, but not leastly...i've gotten a little further on the hexagon throw. i had to put it aside for the moment to try and get a few other time sensitive things done.

not sure how long this one will be on the back burner (probably until after the holidays). my intention is to have it fit my queen sized bed by the time all is said and done.