surprise my VD

while i was out getting my taxes done, a package arrived for me on valentine's day.

a great package at that!! it's from my malabrigo swap partner, megdoula on ravelry.

first and foremost, there are two skeins of malabrigo worsted in vetiver. i have always picked this colorway up at the lys's but have always put it back as other colors have always won out for one reason or another. i am glad that she picked it for me because i think i secretly loved it since it was ALWAYS a contender. the second best thing in there is a set of stitch markers that she made herself with felted beads, which she also made. amazing. she also included a great variety of coffees, some chocolate, my FAVORITE black licorice, and a pom-pon maker. and to top it off, look at that packaging - very green and sustainable!

thanks again megan!


Dave said...

Wow, great package. And the loot is pretty good too. :-)

Ginger said...

Oh nice! Are they all edible?

royfenn said...

I love the color of the Malabrigo! Sooooo nice!!!! What you going to make me?

Alterknit Universe said...

Panda Brand black licorice rocks!!

Megan said...

Such a nice post! So glad you like it all and I'm glad you appreciated my eco-friendly packaging! Hope to see you in Malabrigo March!