a few things done.

it feels like it's been so long since i've had any fo's, it also feels good to get a couple of things off the needles. good lord, i just checked my ravelry and i started these suckers back in july. whaaat? 7 months to finish a pair of socks. and in a leap year no doubt. thank god for that extra day, otherwise who knows when they might have gotten done.

project particulars

pattern: jaywalker by grumperina
needles: lantern moons US size 1 sox stix dpns
yarn: koigu's kpppm, color p601; about 2.5 skeins

the jaywalker pattern is a great one to use with a variegated yarn, as it's pattern is simple enough to show off the yarn, but not too plain as to be boring.

i also got the first of the basic 5x1 rib socks done.

pretty straight forward, who knows when i'll cast on for the second. i've already started a new project, a pair of go anywhere fingerless gloves. i think what i've learned is that if i work on two different "pairs of something" concurrently, i can switch between the two and not lose interest in the project so quickly. so perhaps i'll work on the first of the go anywhere's for a bit more and then cast on for the second sock...i just have to hold myself back from starting a new pair of socks, which i am so tempted to do with my recent stash acquisitions.


Dave said...

Oooh, Koigu!! Great colours in there.

I've been having trouble finishing stuff lately as well. Maybe I'll try your quadruplet approach.

Calvin said...

Great socks, Chris.

Ginger said...

Interesting colours! Lovely socks! Well, Mum hasn't done one sock since she started learning how to knit and everyone we know who knits have had done socks left, right and centre! Geez.... We must show Mum this.

Charles said...

Hey Sko~

WOW GREAT Socks! You did awesome JOB!

If you listne to podcast...I just post new blog.. It is BIG NEWS..Check it out!


KnitXcorE said...

i forking love those jaywalkers!
that koigu is sexy.

a friend to knit with said...

love the jaywalkers.
they are fabulous.

De BerĂª said...


Anonymous said...

I have sock envy! Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Your FCS3 Secret Pal

dickie said...

I love the colors in your Jaywalkers!

Markiesnana said...

Love your socks! Check out my alligator scarf on my blog!
Keep up the good work with your knitting adventures.