another recovery

i am just about recovered from yet another weekend of tournament tennis (i was sore all day monday and could hardly stay awake while at work). this time, it was the LA Open where i entered in both singles and doubles, this being the first ever tournament i played singles in. although i lost first round of the main draw, and then went into consolation round (where i also lost) i had a lot of fun and it was a great experience, oh and of course i was able to watch all of the LB crew in their matches.

the tournament started on friday and was held at the vermont canyon courts, burbank tennis center, and the riverside courts. vermont and burbank are pretty nice places to play for different reasons. vermont canyon is in griffith park, so you get the trees and you play right up against the hills with a very nice backdrop. the burbank tennis center is a real tennis facility with a pro shop, and show courts for the exciting matches. riverside? that's a different story. it's right up against the 5 freeway so you can hardly hear any of the line calls or scores being said by the server. and nasty bathrooms. hello, how is a world class athlete supposed to prepare and change outfits?!?!

the group of us from the lakewood (LB) league stayed in a hotel in beverly hills, the Thompson (where the help all look like they are right out of some 20-somethings drama series) so that the drive to the courts at 7am weren't a nightmare.

we all attended the "banquet" saturday night at the sportsmans lodge where they had "entertainment" and "food". uhm, next year let's skip this event and therefor skip the unnecessary trips to the restroom the next day from the mystery meat. the swans were nice, but oddly enough when we left there seemed to be a lot less of them in the ponds. i love dennis to death and he did a great job organizing the tournament, but that banquet killed.

g and i once again paired for doubles, where we made it all the way to the semi-finals of the main draw. unfortunately we had to meet our good friends there, since they were also in the same part of the draw, and lost to them. we were happy though that they made it into the finals where they beat their opponents.

in all it was a great showing for us aside from the whispers about our outfits as we walked by about how we looked like we just broke out of prison, as our group went home with 5 trophies. way to go us. this is it for the month but there a still quite a few more tournaments in the works being that this is only march, but we're already talking and starting to plan the tournament schedule for 2009, there are a lot of fun places we'd like to go play in nationally and internationally.

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