welcome back


has it really been that long? i'd like to think that i have been on vacation since my last post, but in actuality i have been back for a while now. although our trip was 3 weeks, i just haven't had a chance to post!! that plus there really hasn't been much knitting going on. i seriously have only started knitting again this week, probably about two nights ago. but, i am proud to say that i DID get some knitting done while on our trip...although i don't have photos to prove it i was able to knit on planes, on trains, and in our hotel!

this is the boyfriend sock. i was able to start it on the plane to paris, and got it done between the hotel room, the train ride from paris to belgium, and in belgium where i ultimately finished it.

by the way, while waiting for our train to depart i decided to try to get to hogwarts, but i wasn't aware there wasn't a connection from Gare du Nord.

i also brought along the sea otter sock revisited...

i was able to work on this on the plane from brussels to barcelona, in barcelona at the park guell, back in belgium at G's parent's place, and ultimately finished it in the plane back to the US. sad. not finishing the sock, but having to come back home.

in all, i got two first socks done, and now i have those added to the pile of first socks.

oh, did i mention i also started yet ANOTHER new sock?

btw, i was able to get in some time on [real] clay courts!! totally exciting since most clay courts in the US are not as luxurious as the real stuff in europe. this stuff is actually much closer to what is used at roland garros!


Matt....... said...

sweet bed in the hotel! and since I've only played on green clay I bet that was a bloast.....

KnitXcorE said...

2 socks at once???? awesome!

as for platform 9 3/4..... i think it's in london :-)

Calvin said...

Welcome back. Glad you had a safe trip. Great socks, by the way.